Hugely Subjective Flashpacker Guide to CAMBODIA

Welcome to our first Hugely Subjective Flashpacker Guide – it’s our not so comprehensive or objective, short guide to some of the countries that we have visited.

Today it’s all about Cambodia: “the most dangerous country you’ll ever visit, because you’ll fall in love with it…and then it will break your heart” (Joseph Mussomeli, former US Ambassador to Cambodia).

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A few things about Sihanoukville

Cambodia as you can see from our Hugely Subjective Flashpacker Guide to CAMBODIA¬†post was a little of a bitter sweet symphony for us. Our plan was to focus on Siem Reap and visiting templates of Angkor, then maybe spending couple of day in¬†Phnom Penh¬†and moving on to Vietnam. We wanted to spent much longer in Vietnam to be able to explore various parts of it peacefully. However in order to get to Vietnam as Polish nationals we needed to get visas. We could either¬†get them in Phnom Penh or go down to consulate in Sihanoukville, which arguably has Cambodia’s best beaches. It was time for some beach time so that’s what we’ve decided to do! We invite you to explore Sihanoukville with us!

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Morning in Phnom Penh

Bunk beds on a night bus! :)We have spent amazing 5 days in Siem Reap, flying with Gibbons and visiting temples, but we were ready to move on! We have managed to get the tickets for a Giant Ibis night bus and we were ready to go!

The bus was a very positive surprise. Inside of it instead of the normal sits there were more or less… bunk beds with mattresses on the left and right. Freaking awesome! An actual beds! It was still a very bumpy ride but after all we were fairly rested when we arrived at the Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh. It was 7AM so we went for a stunning walk by the riverside and went to see the Royal Palace and found COSTA! Yeah!!! ūüôā

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Zipplining over Angkor with Flight of the Gibbon

DSC_4964Ok I might not be too keen on water but sure as hell I love air so I was all up for zipplining! I am in!!! Jakub was not that convinced but he is in the end a very curious Jakub so he decided to give it a go. We did ponder over this for a while as Flight of the Gibbon¬†is anything but cheap budget experience but hey… it is about the experience! And they do have proper safety certificates and in Cambodia it was important¬†for us ūüôā $200 lighter¬†we couldn’t wait to start the adventure!

DSC_4995And it did not fail our expectations! It was freaking brilliant! I loved it entirely! Pure joy!!! And Jakub eased into it when we were at about 80% of the 21 stations. The tallest one was about 50m above the ground! ūüôā He hated abseiling with passion but did love the rest of it eventually. Still, air… not really his thing ūüėČ However as it seems by the end of the trip and after the Singapore Oculus testing it seemed like he has managed to overcome his massive fear of heights or at least it is much better now ūüôā

Have a look for yourself ūüôā¬†Jakub in action¬†, HoneyMoon line¬†and Ania solo & Jakub solo. What a day!!!

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Temples of Angkor in One Day

You can see the Temples of Angkor in a day, 3 days or a week Рor at least this is your choice of tickets to Angkor Wat. Guidebooks recommend spending at least three to get the most of it.  We chose to do it in one, and a one-day Angkor itinerary, while not optimal, is absolutely possible.

We went by the guide put together by¬†Adventurous¬†Kate. This is a one-day guide to Angkor for people who “appreciate temples, but don‚Äôt live and die by them”.¬† And we do¬†fall into that category. I mean you can only take so much of it. That said we have fallen in love with¬†Angkor,¬†Bayon & Ta Prohm Temples. They were absolutely¬†mesmerising¬†and truly stunning. Trust us, you‚Äôll be impressed.

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Floating villages of Tonle Sap Lake & why Giant Ibis rocks :)

Everybody here is getting ready for the Khmer New Year so we can’t really get any tickets to go to¬†Phnom Penh. We’ve tried. There is no way. That means we are¬†stuck in Siem Reap for a few days. We want to spend them as well as we can; rest up a bit, see the temples, see bit of Siem Reap surroundings, possibly do the Flight of the Gibbon here and get to PP or Sihanoukville¬†to get the Vietnamese visas and head for the boarder.

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