Beautiful Words: ‘Ubuntu’

Ubuntu means “I am, because you are“. In fact, the word ubuntu is just part of the Zulu phrase “Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”, which literally means that a person is a person through other people. Ubuntu has its roots in humanist African philosophy, where the idea of community is one of the building blocks of society. Ubuntu is that nebulous concept of common humanity, oneness: humanity, you and me both.

Beautiful Words: ‘Curiosity’

  1. an eager wish to know or learn about something: to arouse/excite/satisfy someone’s curiosity

    I’m burning with curiosity – you must tell me who’s won!

  2. something that is interesting because it is rare and unusual:

    Cars like mine are curiosities nowadays.

    I kept this old pot for its curiosity value (= the interest it has because it is unusual)