Brighton Summer Solstice #microadventures

We’ve been at the Ellis Bringham ALASTAIR HUMPHREYS – MICROADVENTURE Talk earlier this month and we felt very inspired! Alastair – who’s talk I’ve heard few years back at Globetrotter’s UK meetings, is a great inspiration of mine. I love his talks and books! During the talk this month he asked: do you think of yourself as a ‘normal person’ or an adventurer? Because really there is no difference; adventurer is just a normal person like you and me who is trying new things… The whole talk was great and i could not resist the temptation of buying his new book called Microadventures: Local Discoveries for Great Escapes At the end of the talk Alastair mentioned his Summer Solstice Microadventure Challenge and invited us all to start our microadventures straight away 🙂 So we did!Read More

Lee Valley – Cycling & Camping! #microadventures

Ok! It’s time! no more Saturday/Sunday cauch potato! There is so many cycling routes around London! I’m going for it! We are! And we couldn’t time it better, it’s 26th May bank holiday this weekend! We will cycle through the Lee Valley this weekend and camp in a tent! From Kilburn to Ware and back the next day or day after and will get our tent and do a bit of camping 🙂 Yeah! Start: Saturday if it’s not raining… or maybe even if it is 🙂 Route Overview Lea Valley Walk London Docklands and Lea Valley Places to stayRead More

The Predator!

15/10/13 – The Boat!!! OMG! What an experience!!! No licence needed!

At first we were absolutely terrified of the though that we can actually rent a boat and that they will actually let us go out on the open sea! On our own! No instructor! Just us! The boat! And the sea! With no previous experience whatsoever! As you can see we came from OMFG to Ahoy Captain in few hours!Read More