The Predator!

15/10/13 – The Boat!!! OMG! What an experience!!! No licence needed!

At first we were absolutely terrified of the though that we can actually rent a boat and that they will actually let us go out on the open sea! On our own! No instructor! Just us! The boat! And the sea! With no previous experience whatsoever! As you can see we came from OMFG to Ahoy Captain in few hours!Read More

Sorrento & Amalfi Coast – spectacular!

12/10/13 – Sorrento Situated on a terrace overlooking the splendid Amalfi coastline, Sorrento is imbued with charm and echoes of the ancient past. Its position is perfect, affording a stunning panorama of the bay of Naples, but its list of attributes is replete. Parks, villas, orange, lemon and olive groves, picturesque narrow streets and resplendent weather… Italy GuidesRead More

Napoli and how first impressions are misleading.

6/10/13 – Sunday

Apologies to all our Italian friends who were trying to explain to us that Napoli is a horrible, dirty place not worth spending more than a day in. Ok you were right.

Our first impressions of Napoli are not very good. Chaotic, filthy and scary place with huge amount of dodgy, shady people selling shit (5th hand stuff) on streets and making mess all around the town – not so great. We were exhausted and I’ve got flu (awesome!) so I touched the bed and fell asleep for few hours. We went strolling through the town in afternoon, very cautious of our belongings.

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