DIY Filling cabinet makeover

Ok so this was always my DIY dream. To makeover one of this old cabinets, clean it up and give it a second life! I have spotted my chance while strolling at the carboot sale and managed to get the below one for £20. It was all rusty, damaged and in desperate need of some love. I had a few ideas of what I wanted to make of it. Most of them I just could not make happen without spending more than I intended to so I’ve settle for deep forest green and copper fittings. It works well with the rest of my room. It was a great fun but took absolute ages!!! Here we go…

I’ve always wondered if I maybe should be a carpenter, or maybe restore old furnitures or perhaps have some other hands on job where you see the results in a real world.  I guess I would always regret if I haven’t tried it. Oh well now I know! I should certainly stick with digital marketing jobs!

Stripping the paint or repainting? Oh no!!!

Stripping of and old paint is the worst job in the world! I tried some liquids, I’ve tried some manual and mechanical tools. Either way it is a disaster!  What about painting? It is close to a nightmare – too much coat and it slides off if you touch it too soon, plus it take forever to dry! It took about two months for the paint to stop smelling!

Way to succeed? Follow the YouTube videos

I am pretty sure that even though I tried to follow some great YouTube videos on cabinets repainting, I have made every possible mistake. Plus I was painting outside and at some point a bird shit on me – I mean seriously!?!

Is it all that bad?

However to be absolutely honest with you; I loved it! I spent some quality time outside, felt like I am actually creating something and I was sooo absolutely relieved when I finally finished it! It was all worth it.

If you wanted to try DIY, you definitely should! Either you will find your new hobby or you will know you hate it and will have no regrets! Win win 😀


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