New hobby: today is as good as any

When we came back from our South East Asia journey that lasted almost 6 months there was one thing that I was clear on. We only have one life, the time is running out and if I won’t do things now I might never have a chance to do them. So I’ve started my project called:  #newhobby 🙂 Read on if you please 😉

‘Someday’ is not an answer

il_570xN.588725121_d01qTraveling has changed me on many levels but one of the main things I’ve come to understand is that we are here only temporarily and that every day counts. The things that you said you will try to do when you have a chance, or when you have more time, or when you retired… you might never get to do that. So if that thing is something that you really care about you have to make the time now.

Try anything that excites you

You see, I believe that rarely anyone of us actually knows what they want to do in life. Some of us do, but not many. Rest of us has to figure out what we are good at or what makes us happy and it is only through trying that we get to find that out. We might have an idea of what we could try or we can simply try anything interesting that comes to mind. The more the better! Once you try something new, you not only acquire new skills but you learn more about yourself. You can discover that actually you really hate driving a car or really like painting but hate table tennis. Or maybe you learn that you do have a creative side which you have never believed could be there. You could also discover that you do tell funny jokes and stand up comedy is what you live for 🙂 Who knows‽ You just need to go out there, out of your comfort zone and try new things.

Project #newhobby

When we got back from the trip I did just that. I’ve decided to try anything that I’ve always wanted to try. Lets see, I’ve always wanted to try:

  • Mosaic
  • Acrylic & Watercolour Painting
  • Bike Maintenance
  • DIY #upcycle
  • Woodwork
  • MyMarathon
  • Camping
  • Boating
  • Bonsai & fairy gardens
  • Spanish

Here are some of the pictures:

It has been an amazing couple of months being able to do and try all of these new things. It makes life sooo much more interesting and colourful. There are definitely a few of these things that I will keep as I’ve discovered my love for them (mosaic?! painting?! bonsai?! OMG!). There are also some that I have learnt to hate e.g. stripping paint of old cabinets or changing tyre on a bike! Grrrrr!

Still on my list are for example: learn to play guitalele, tap dancing, bike trips, monocycle, rollerblades, raspberry pi & electronics,  stained glass, fairy gardens, knitting animals, sustainable development.

How about you?

What is it that you would like to try but you keep postponing? Here is your chance! I’m officially proclaiming July a month of new opportunities! Whatever it is, try it THIS month and let us know how you getting on. It’s time for a #newhobby

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