Hugely Subjective Flashpacker Guides

HSFG_logo_OA lot of our friends, who are planning to travel to one of the countries that we have visited ask us about some tips. They want to know a good place to eat, what’s worth seeing and what isn’t, things to do while you there and things to avoid. That got us thinking. How about we put together some sort of small guide to each country?

Now, there is a lot of very good and comprehensive guides and advice out there. And honestly I don’t think anyone needs another one. Feel free to go to Travelfish or Nomadic Matt for that (we love them and use them very often).

What we do want to do however is just the opposite. We are not planning to be comprehensive or objective. On a contrary we aim to be hugely subjective and not very… backpacker like.

We invite you to explore our Hugely Subjective Flashpacker Guides 🙂

Here is the first one: