In about a year time…

In about a year time… how about if by the end of this year, this December i could, if i would have finally travel through South East Asia possibly Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, maybe Bali, or even Japan 🙂

I know it’s too much and that I will probably have to cut that down a bit 🙂  But it wont be a week or two! It will be 1 – 2 months! Not sure how but I will! 😀  And I can’t wait! I’m also a bit terrified. I really want to do the really long trip where you can forget about the calendar and everyday stuff and just enjoy new countries, people and all!

Fingers crossed it will all work out fine. I will be updating you on progress! It’s making sure we have time and money! And figuring out where we want to go and what to see 🙂 Oh! And yes we are going together with Jake! Hopefully!


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