The Adventure

At first this blog was supposed to be only about our 6 months trip around South East Asia following the Banana Pancake Trail – we’ve called it ‘The Journey 2015‘. However as it turns out in 2016 we are going on another 3 months adventure which we will name ‘The Road Trip 2016‘.
You can read about both of them below or you can visit short sections on useful travel info: Backpacks and other stuff , Useful (k)nowledge or our Hugely Subjective Flashpacker Guides. If that’s not enough and you are curious about who we are, please visit Wild Geckos: Anna & Jakub.

Alternatively feel free to choose one of the countries from the Amazing Places to read about our adventures or the intriguing Microadventures – something we like to do in between big trips 🙂
And most of all enjoy it and let us know what you think!


The Journey 2015


The Road Trip 2016



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