Anna & Jakub

This is us. Anna & Jakub. A Digital Project Manager and Video Production Assistant from London who one day decided to leave their secure, city life behind and set off on an adventure flashpacking around South East Asia, a bit of Australia and Bali.

That was in 2015. Since then we came back to London, started freelancing, saved up and set off on a ‘city cruising’/’road tripping’ adventure around USA and Canada 🙂

That was in 2016.  We came back to London but it doesn’t look like we can actually ‘go back’ to living our so called ‘normal lives’ anymore. Therefore our next goal is to become digital nomads/online entrepreneurs working for ourselves, creating something that we care about while allowing us to travel around the world.


This blog will describe our ups and downs, our struggles and successes as well as provide practical information on how to break free, travel, create online business and become location independent. Join us on our adventure of becoming people who we’ve always wanted to be.


Why Wild Geckos? First of all we love geckos 🙂 We have fallen in love with them in South East Asia. They were everywhere! Cute, tiny, full of energy, bathing in the sun. Amazing creatures! We are also like two wild geckos 🙂 We run around exploring the world. We want to see it for ourselves and enjoy it as much and as long as we can. This blog, Wild Geckos is the manifestation of our irresistible desire to travel & to understand one’s existence.

We are curious travellers, bloggers & flashpackers.



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