Banana Pancake Trail


There is so many things that we would like to do and see but what we know for sure is that we would rather see less then rushed through many countries. We also don’t want to plan too much and the best part is that we can do whatever we want and can go wherever the road will take us!

That said the main places we would like to visit are: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Kuala Lumpur (whole Malaysia really but definitely at least KL) and Singapore. While researching the route we came across something called The Banana Pancake Trail which is a fairly standard route that most backpackers take in SE Asia. The name comes from the banana pancakes often served by street vendors and in guesthouses that offer free breakfasts. 🙂

Here is our version of the Banana Pancake Trail. First, what we planned to see and then what we actually did 🙂


And this is what we’ve been able to see and where we’ve been able to travel to:

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