Floating villages of Tonle Sap Lake & why Giant Ibis rocks :)

Everybody here is getting ready for the Khmer New Year so we can’t really get any tickets to go to Phnom Penh. We’ve tried. There is no way. That means we are stuck in Siem Reap for a few days. We want to spend them as well as we can; rest up a bit, see the temples, see bit of Siem Reap surroundings, possibly do the Flight of the Gibbon here and get to PP or Sihanoukville to get the Vietnamese visas and head for the boarder.

First of all the tickets. Well to be absolutely honest maybe we could have bought the tickets but not with the company that we wanted to use. We’ve done a bit of research (by which I mean extended and exhausting research on a disastrous state of Cambodian roads and poor quality of driving and buses, especially the night ones) and we didn’t want to go with anyone else but the Giant Ibis. Let’s just say; it is a long drive – about 6,5h  doing over 320km on Cambodian roads, we really wanted to go with people that know how to drive on them. Seriously if you ever travelling through Cambodia, we can totally recommend these people http://www.giantibis.com/. On the Cambodian roads/lack of them  you do want good drivers. Plus words ‘night bus’ get a whole new meaning with them. Believe me night busses in Europe suck in comparison 🙂

As for exploring the surroundings of Tonle Sap Lake, we’ve chosen a half-day trip with Tara River Boat and it was fantastic, the only problem was that it was a dry season 😀

See captions for some info.

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