New Name: Wild Geckos :)

It’s time to make the name of this blog a bit more personal than just ‘wanderlust’. We are proud to introduce you to ‘Wild Geckos’ 🙂

Our philosophy

First of all we love geckos 🙂 We have fallen in love with them in South East Asia. They were everywhere! Cute, tiny, full of energy, bathing in the sun. Amazing creatures! We are also like two wild geckos 🙂 We run around exploring the world. We want to see it for ourselves and enjoy it as much and as long as we can. This blog, Wild Geckos is the manifestation of our irresistible desire to travel & to understand one’s existence. We are curious travellers, bloggers & flashpackers.

Say my name

Talking about names I could not resist the temptation to remind us all about this fantastic line from my favourite show; Breaking Bad. I do understand this is not entirely on subject but oh boy how I miss WW 🙂

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