The 2016 Road Trip in numbers

The 2016 Road trip was a necessity! 🙂  After the 2015 Journey through South East Asia and Australia, we came back to the ‘real life’ and just couldn’t sit still! We’ve started freelancing, didn’t rent a flat, just stayed in one bedroom at our friends house and saved, saved, saved… until we could buy tickets to Boston 🙂  Our 2016 Road Trip was absolutely fantastic! Stunning cities, spectacular nature and kind people… we had amazing time! I wonder what 2017 will bring us? 😀


Our Road Trip in numbers

USA States
Canada Provinces

And here is a short summary of it:
3 countries: USA, Canada, UN Headquarters, NY
12 USA States: Massachusetts, New York, Washington DC (Maryland), Virginia (Arlington), California, Nevada, Utha, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon, Washington.
2 Canada Provinces: British Columbia, Ontario.


Also while you are here maybe you want to check out our stats of the Journey 2015 South East Asia trip?

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