USA Road Trip+ Route

We can’t wait to go an another adventure ! And we are getting very exited just by researching the places we want to visit and looking at the below map!  This time it will be our big USA Road Trip!

Well to be precise it will be our Coast to Coasts adventure including:

  • East Coast Cities – mainly Boston, New York, Washington DC;
  • West Coast Road Trip from Los Angeles around Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Montana,  Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and maybe a bit of Utah, returning the car in Los Angeles;
  • Vancouver & Toronto, Canada we would love to visit both but we are not yet sure if it will be possible.

We hope it will take us about 3 months but there is a lot of details that we still need to figure out before we know for sure.

Also as with any trip that we are planning these days ideally we would like to finish it off by spending 3 months in Bali 😉  – just because we loved it so much! However we are struggling to figure out how we can pull it off this time 😉