Lee Valley – Cycling & Camping! #microadventures

Ok! It’s time! no more Saturday/Sunday cauch potato! There is so many cycling routes around London! I’m going for it! We are! And we couldn’t time it better, it’s 26th May bank holiday this weekend! We will cycle through the Lee Valley this weekend and camp in a tent! From Kilburn to Ware and back the next day or day after and will get our tent and do a bit of camping 🙂 Yeah! Start: Saturday if it’s not raining… or maybe even if it is 🙂 Route Overview Lea Valley Walk London Docklands and Lea Valley Places to stay

Other routes to consider:

It was awesome! Here are some photos from the trip:

To see the challenge, the struggle and the fun watch a quick movie we’ve made!

It’s called OFF ROAD 😀

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