Age of Sustainable Development

It is the last day of the year and I finally managed to finish Jeffrey Sachs’s: Age of Sustainable Development online course from the Columbia University delivered by SDG Academy.

I actually wanted to do it for the last 2 years but have only recently figure out how to the best motivate/trick myself into to actually doing it! Finally, over the last couple of months, I managed to sit down, watch the lectures, read the course book and pass all the exams by the course end date of 31 December 2018. I’m really happy and excited about it! ???

I also feel like a big door has opened for me to this fascinating world of Sustainable Development, a field of study that is a way to understand this immensely interesting, complicated and interconnected world that we live in and to figure out ways to help improve it.

I feel that my journey with Sustainable Development have only just started. I’m eager to learn more. Ultimately I hope that as I learn more about where we currently are and what progress has been made so far I will find a way to contribute and be more useful. ?