Brighton Summer Solstice #microadventures

We’ve been at the Ellis Bringham ALASTAIR HUMPHREYS – MICROADVENTURE Talk earlier this month and we felt very inspired! Alastair – who’s talk I’ve heard few years back at Globetrotter’s UK meetings, is a great inspiration of mine. I love his talks and books! During the talk this month he asked: do you think of yourself as a ‘normal person’ or an adventurer? Because really there is no difference; adventurer is just a normal person like you and me who is trying new things… The whole talk was great and i could not resist the temptation of buying his new book called Microadventures: Local Discoveries for Great Escapes At the end of the talk Alastair mentioned his Summer Solstice Microadventure Challenge and invited us all to start our microadventures straight away 🙂 So we did!

We’ve been doing a bit of camping recently, just some weekends away from the city and were actually positively surprised by the fact that it’s not as scary/uncomfortable as it might seams at first. We’ve actually loved it! (Unfortunately only the tent is ours although the VW camper in the background looks very sweet! A small dream of mine is to have one of these beauties!)

Anyhow what Alastair was saying is:

Go on a microadventure. This can be anything you like (ideas below), anywhere in the world. It must entail sleeping out in the wild for at least one night, without a tent. Bivvy bags and hammocks are good. So too are morning swims in rivers.

Bivvy bag seams scary enough so we should probably do it 🙂 However as we were total newbies to the idea we’ve decided to only try what we feel comfortable with and see where we end up.

It was a lovely Saturday of the Summer Solstice and we’ve decided to meet up with some friends who were planning to spend weekend on a campsite in Brighton. We’ve set off with our backpacks, only orange survivor bags, sleeping bags & mats, a Waterproof Ground Sheet, plus some warm clothes and we are off on our #microadventure The night before the planned escape, we had an uninspiring chat about wild animals in UK and by now we were pretty convinced that we will actually die or at least our faces will be eaten off by foxes.

We had a lovely day out and we’ve visited our friends on the camping site, had some BBQ and were planning to head for the hills – awesome views! It was getting dark… We can hear the foxes… We decide to stay close to the campsite fence and put up the ground sheet and our stuff below it… The difficult part was to jump inside but we weare so sleepy we can’t even worry about all the bugs and animals anymore… well almost… Right… This is it… 🙂 it’s not raining and the sky is beautiful 🙂

I’ve woke up at 5 and spend a lovely morning listenig to the silence and waking up nature… What a splendid time! We haven’t been eaten or die and it’s been lovely! Had a lovely coffee, had breakfast with friends on the campsite and spend the rest of the day at the beach! Awesome weekend! Fantastic idea!

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