Only 20 more hours to go

We are¬†officially homeless and jobless ūüėÄ Plus excited, happy and free! Just counting¬†down the last 20 hours left to¬†the¬†fight to Bangkok. Check in – Done! Backpacks – Packed! Still last couple things to sort out but we are almost there!

Thank you all for the kind words and great wishes! Last couple months reminded us how many amazing people we have in our lives. Thank you all! We will be in touch! Last thing – Jakub got a selfie stick as a leaving present so watch out for our first awesome selfies on Instagram & Facebook ūüôā

It is all happening! :)

It’s been so stressful last couple of weeks trying to tie up all the loose ends but we are officially homeless! Hurray! All our stuff has been locked down in a storage and we have only¬†11 more days¬†before we flight out. I still can’t believe¬†it is actually happening, it’s like there is one task after another without end. It only hit me after we’ve moved out… last look at the house… wow we are doing this! So exiting!!! ūüôā

From ‘The Hobbit. An Unexpected Journey’, so true, let’s do this! ūüôā

  • ‘It’s a dangerous business, walking out one’s front door’
  • ‘The world isn’t in your maps & books, it’s out there! – Gandalf
  • ‘Home is now behind you, the world is ahead!’ – Gandalf

‘System overload’ & ‘eureka moment’

Sometimes when you try to think about something too hard, you get to a place where you just can’t think clearly anymore, can’t rationally analyse things anymore, you are stuck and every time you try to think about it you can only feel the¬†overwhelming panic.

It feels like total: system overload!!! And that’s exactly how I felt the last few weeks….

Medical Dictionary: system overload - an inability to cope with messages and expectations from a number of sources within a given time limit.

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Decision time!

Another few months have passed but I think we have just made the decision to go. I think that all this small and big chats and people we’ve met so far led us to this moment… I’ve never though that i will be able to finally say that but we’ve just made two important decisions: we will go traveling for 2-3 months (depending on the budget) to South East Asia around March 2015 and we will try to find out if it would be possible to move to Australia or New Zealand straight after that, hopefully on some sort of temporary visa. We would like to get proper work there and hopefully stay there for a few months, years… maybe settle there, who knows, we are open to opportunities ūüôā There is a lot of questions and unknown so we will have to do a lot of research. Non of us have any¬†idea on how to even start planning¬†a move to a new country but we will figure it out.

We have made our decision. I am so excited and so terrified! It’s funny how there always have to be fear for there to be the¬†excitement.¬†Everything falls into place… i am so happy!

Today is the 30th of November 2014. We have 3 months to plan everything. December, January, February… First things on our list: buy tickets, try to sell as many things as possible!



I’m tired and confused. I feel trapped. There is so many things i’d like to do, so many places I’d like to see… I’m torn between my stable life that gives me security, my job that is fulfilling and that I enjoy and that voice inside me that says:¬†is that¬†it? is that supposed to be your life? 9am till¬†6pm, 5 days a week… what about all that time that is forever lost…¬† ¬† I am definitely going through my ‘middle life crisis’… at 33 years old! But it feels also like there is something more to it… these feelings have not just appeared suddenly… they were growing, maturing inside me for years. Leaving my stable, comfortable life to experience unknown¬†has also always¬†thrilled and scared me in equal measures. Actually it wasn’t equal… i was always scared more. Nowadays I just can’t pretend anymore that these feelings¬†don’t exist.

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In about a year time…

In about a year time… how about if by the end of this year, this December i could, if i would have finally travel through South East Asia possibly Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, maybe Bali, or even¬†Japan ūüôā

I know it’s too much and that I will probably have to cut that down a bit ūüôā ¬†But it wont be a week or two! It will be 1 – 2 months! Not sure how but I will! ūüėÄ ¬†And I can’t wait!¬†I’m also a bit¬†terrified. I really want to do the really long trip where you can forget about the calendar and everyday stuff and just enjoy new countries, people and all!

Fingers crossed it will all work out fine. I will be updating you on progress! It’s making sure we have time and money! And figuring out where we want to go and what to see ūüôā Oh! And yes we are going together with Jake! Hopefully!