DIY 52 Reasons Why I Love You

I meant to do this little DIY project for quiet some time now, but for me it was always on an verge of ‘too cheesy and lame’ and maybe ‘sweet and acceptable’ šŸ™‚

This March I’ve started leaning towards the latter so I decided to go for it! There were smiles and tears so in the end I consider it to be a success! šŸ™‚

As for the TIPSĀ on creating the 52 Reasons Why I Love You cards, here is a few:

    1. I’ve choose to design and print out each ‘reason’ and cut it out – looked nice and I was happy with that but it was somehow difficult to keep it nice and clean while applying the glue, so I think usingĀ self adhesive paper would worked out better.


    1. I’ve struggle with the paper punch holder I had, managed to break it on the first few cards so the ‘hole making’ was a bit of a pain to say the least. Using screwdriver – not a good idea! Really, make yourself a favor and get yourself a strong punch holder before you start!


    1. I used a wire to join the pages – also not a great idea, would recommend a strong twine or strong tread. I wanted to use the ribbon but it was not going through the various-sizes-and-shapes of the holes I madeĀ with theĀ screwdriver… Again remember about the punch holder!


  1. And finally: check for repetition and make sure theĀ cards are in correct order before you stick them together – I might have had couple of problems with that šŸ™‚


Here is how mine version worked out.

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