Pompeii & Puglia!

16/10/12 – Pompeii & trip to Leece Everyone was advising us to go to Pompeii but it was never on our way somehow and we’ve almost misted it. It would have been such a waste! It is an incredible place well worth visiting.

Walking along all of these streets was amazing. It’s a very big town that was very much self-sufficient, with its its bakeries, schools, double-glassed baths (baths with double walls to allow the correct heat circulation), templates, theaters, … anything you can think of… The daunting thought however was: if they knew all of that in AD 79…. The industrial revolution started in 19th century and last 200 years we do have a decent development pace but what have we been doing over 1800 years before that?

To get to Puglia again we had to go to Napoli first. That was ours 3rd time passing the city on our way and this time as well it managed to show us its not so pretty face as we stumble upon a corps at the train station. The fasted and most of all the cheapest way to get to Lecce was to take the bus and so we did. We’ve arrived late at night after over 6 hours bus ride.

17/10/12 – Lecce & Gallipoli
Lecce is a lovely place, quiet, clean, nice city that provides transport links to the whole of Puglia. We were really lucky to be able to stay in a lovely place called Mirage B&B. We were planning to stay there one night but we ended up staying there until the end of our trip.

First of all we wanted to stroll around the town, first day we made a mistake and we did not get the breakfast at our B&B so we were desperate for coffee and we were very kin to try the local delicacies: the pasticcioto… what for a treat! We got it with our breakfast until end of our stay and agreed with Marco the owner that we will be ordering some for Xmas.

We’ve spent the rest of the day in Galipoli. Small town divided in two parts new and old town which is located on a limestone island, linked to the mainland by a bridge built in the 16th century. Amazing light and colors but very windy. We’ve missed the train and ended up drinking beer on a bench and talking about which of my shoes Jacob doesn’t like… 😀

18/10/13 – Otranto & Lecce
Otranto is located on the east coast of the Salento peninsula. The lighthouse Faro della Palascìa, at approximately 5 kilometres (3 miles) southeast of Otranto, marks the most easterly point of the Italian mainland. We got there in the afternoon so we went straight for lunch. Sward fish steak for me and pizza for Jacob.

The town is very small but cute with the creepiest church we’ve seen ever and the most beautiful sandstone sculptures and lamps ever! Had to get one for myself too!

When we got back, in the evening we’ve treated our-self and went for a meal in the one of the town best restaurant with truly delicious Seafood Grilled mixed with tuna steak, squid and king prows, with an extra from the nice waitress: homemade liqueur called Mirto.

19/10/14 – Lecce & Bari
Time to say goodbye… Unfortunately we haven’t manage to cycle the best route in Puglia from Santa maria di Leuca to Otranto like we wanted to do but run out of time (no driving licence unfortunately). So most defiantely we do have to come back there! But:





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